Hotbox Referral Program


1) Tell your friends about The Hotbox supper delivery service and get them to 'LIKE' our Facebook page and add us as a friend.

2) Have your friends use your Hotbox email address in our referral box when they sign up. (It'll be really obvious)

3) After gathering feedback, we've decided to add more flexibility in our referral program!

  • a) Refer 2 friends from NTU/NIE and after they both place their first order with us, we'll credit you 5 dollars worth of Hotbox Vouchers! (do drop us a message if we fail to notice your efforts!)
  • b) Refer 5 friends from NTU/NIE to SIGN UP and you'll get one free supper meal on us!
  • c) Refer 10 friends from NTU/NIE to SIGN UP with us and get 10 dollars worth of Hotbox vouchers!

4) The more you share, the more you get! Click on the "Get Started" button to start emailing our sign-up page to your friends now.



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