About The Hotbox


What are we doing?

'The Hotbox' is a supper delivery company that aims to bring food of the highest quality to our customers in the fastest time possible. Every single food item on our menu has been meticulously selected from supper places all over the island, and they are of the best selection in terms of taste and price. We aim to make your whole ordering experience seamless, while ensuring that everyone gets their supper on time. 

We currently serve the NTU halls.

Why are we doing this?

We are group of 5 college students who have been constantly frustrated with the inevitable need to suppress our voracious nocturnal appetites within the secluded compounds of our college halls. After spending countless semesters cussing and swearing at the unavailability of any decent late night supper options around the college, we finally reached our limit and decided to bring food to our college instead! 

We know of countless peers out there who are facing similar exasperations. In order to spare us the agony of clutching our rumbling stomachs late at night while forcing ourselves to bed, the birth of 'The Hotbox' was finally initiated in December 2012 and like they say, the rest is history.



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